New York City, NY
Philadelphia, PA



These two Galleries contain web elements designed to add visual interest to a website. the Design Gallery contains elements like buttons with rollover effects, shopping cart concepts, navigation ideas and 'mini sites'. Most of the items found here can be easily incorporated into an existing website. The 'mini' sites are small condensed ideas for full websites they can be easily scaled up into full fledged websites. The Experimental Gallery is a little more difficult to describe as it is primarily dedicated to generative art, or art that is created on the fly by code. Most of it is truly unique and totally different every time you refresh the page or follow the included instructions.


These are basically self explanatory. They are gallery concepts with artwork I've created over the years and some photography. Pretty standard stuff here, though the galleries themselves present additional ideas and interesting effects which can be incorporated into existing sites using different pictures.


Yeah, well.... it's NYC and pretty much everybody I know makes some type of music. So this one is really just a few playlists from my Soundcloud page. Not really related to Graphic Design at all but what the heck? I do use music extensively in my own work so here's a bit of it.