New York City, NY
Philadelphia, PA

Kenny Rose Design

"Good design is as little design as possible."
–Dieter Rams

I'm a Graphic Designer, skilled in most aspects of computer aided design. From film to television, the internet to the XBox. There's almost nothing I can't do. I can accomplish nearly anything required for both television and film production including editing, title animation, endframe animations, motion graphics, visual effects, 3D animation and design, all aspects of web design, interactive design, game design, and print design.


The Galleries are the real reason for this site and there are many. I've been busy. In fact I've been really getting into programming lately and it's funny how doing one thing helps you to understand another. For instance, I just spent about two years (maybe less) working with the Unreal Engine doing game programming and now, out of nowhere, Javascript makes sense. Now UE4 has no Javascript in it, in fact I only use the Visual Programming environment. But the logic behind it all is consistent. So my experimental galleries can be a bit odd but there is a method to the madness.


The Web galleries include user interface designs, interactive experiments, generative art, and a few other curiosities associated with web design. My knowledge base in web design is rooted in experimental art and game design but extends to other areas such as PHP, AJAX and MySQL. And of course there's HTML5 and Javascript in there as well. These galleries present examples of my abilities as both a designer and a programmer.


The Video galleries represent my work with video , vfx and animation. The videos there present my abilities as a commercial artist as well as including some creative work as well. I am comfortable working as a Designer, Editor, VFX Artist, or Assistant. Post-Production was where I started and is where I've spent most of my time as a Graphic Designer. These galleries showcase my abilities in the world of Film and Video.

Fun Stuff

'All work and no play'... so there is also a gallery for fun stuff. Things like interesting photos that I've taken with my phone. I love pictures with texture and phones can capture so much now it's insane. There's artwork for my Desktop/Console game work and soon there might be a gallery with a few HTML5 games as well. And there's a few of what I guess are just personal shots. Pictures of my daughter (I never miss a chance to show her off) and her siblings (which I actually use elsewhere as well for illustrative purposes).

So check it out, have fun, and drop me a line.


Here I store my little tidbits of auditory madness, what could pass for music I guess or what could only be described as philosophically interesting art. Want to learn music theory in 10 minutes? I can show you, it's there. Everybody has to have some method for dealing with the ongoing decline of western civilization and the world in general. I find solace in my guitar and for some odd reason feel compelled to share it with the rest of the world.


  • New York City, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA

My availability is, obviously based on the location and requirements of the job. I'm more readily available for jobs in NYC than Philly right now and I can always be available for remote work.