New York City, NY
Philadelphia, PA


Yeah, it's an NYC thing. Everybody plays something. Most people play more than a few things. At least that's been my experience. It could be the circles I travel in but it just seems that way. Me, I started off with a baritone sax in 7th grade, but I always loved Jimi Hendrix. So as soon as I could I got a guitar. Actually I had a few guitars before I got a real one, I just never really put any time into learning until late in life. I also picked up a little piano in college (I have no idea why I took that class or the class on composition, but it was fun). But, persistence pays off and here I am, putting my music up online like everybody else. I do have uses for it outside of trying to be a rock star. Like using it in my films or games. But I just happen to think some of it is rather cool as well.

This stuff was mostly created using Reason with a smattering of ProTools as well.